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Cheryl Peach: Free Music

Outlaw Redeemed

(Cheryl Peach's Band)
January 10, 2011
Tuscarora Studio Orchestra

Outlaw is an original song written by Benjamin Pietsch around 1985. This song is a portrait of a man, who despite his desire to live right, often finds himself on the wrong side of trouble. His redemption is aided by an angel who loves and supports this outlaw, despite his wayward nature. 

Orchestration of  Outlaw is in a style of some movie westerns of the 1950s and 1960s. The counter melody in the strings throughout this recording of Outlaw was inspired by American composer and Hollywood film score music director, Aaron Copland. In the early 1970s, Aaron Copland served as a conductor-in-residence one summer for the orchestra at Indiana University Music School, in which Ben played string bass.

At the end of Outlaw, Ben plays a long guitar solo. The chord progression under this guitar solo was taken from another song written by Ben called Take Me.  Cheryl Peach recorded Take Me in 1982 with sister-in-law Abby Peach on drums and harmony vocals, along with Army Field Band musicians Tom Puwalski on soprano sax, Jim Roberts on electric guitar, Beth Hough on keyboards, and Benjamin Pietsch on bass guitar. Ben served as the arranger and producer for the Take Me recording session, and has served as the arranger/producer for every Cheryl Peach recording session since 1978.