Cheryl Peach Gospel Show Comes to the Internet

Selected episodes of the Cheryl Peach Gospel Show television program can now be watched over the Internet, hosted by Cheryl Peach. The Cheryl Peach Gospel Show features inspirational and patriotic performances with that Nashville sound. Artists include Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, Lee Greenwood, Josh Turner, Randy Travis, Oak Ridge Boys, Ivan Parker, Gold City, Collingsworth Family, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Cheryl Peach, and many more. The Cheryl Peach Gospel Show is broadcast on WJAL family television every Sunday at 8 pm. WJAL serves 1.1 million households in a 4-state region including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and the greater Washington, DC area. The Cheryl Peach Gospel Show is also broadcast on WGCB, which serves over 1.6 million viewers throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as on NBC25, which serves 1.4 million households in the 4-state region. For viewing schedule and other information about the Cheryl Peach Gospel Show, visit the Cheryl Peach website. “We are excited by this opportunity to bring this music about God, country, family, and life in America to a worldwide audience using the Internet”, Cheryl Peach comments. To watch the Cheryl Peach Gospel Show anytime and anywhere over the Internet, simply visit Then select “Cheryl’s TV Show” to navigate to her video player. Visit often to watch the latest updates!