Cheryl Peach on Three TV Stations

The Cheryl Peach Gospel Show is on WJAL family television every Sunday at 8 pm. WJAL serves 1.1 million households in the 4-state region of Pennsylania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and the greater Washington, DC area. On February 22 (Washington's Birthday) the Cheryl Peach will host a patriotic program. In addition to WJAL at 8 pm Sundays, this patriotic special will be broadcast on February 22 on NBC25 at 5:30 am (serving 1.4 million households in the 4-state region), and WGCB at 11 am (serving over 1.6 million viewers throughout Pennsylvania). Tune in to watch your favorite inspirational and patriotic artists including Lee Greenwood, Trace Adkins, Gold City, Cheryl Peach, and many more.